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Why Hatching Hope?

Because raising chickens is one of the most practical – and sustainable – paths out of poverty.

Cracking global malnutrition takes bold thinking and effective new approaches – like Hatching Hope, which provides a path for farmers and communities to become self-sustaining.

By teaching subsistence farmers about efficient poultry production practices that also minimize environmental impacts, Hatching Hope equips them to feed their own families – and to bring their products to market, ensuring living incomes.

Hatching Hope also empowers rural women. For the first time, many will gain the training and resources they need to support themselves.

Why chickens?

Why are chickens at the center of Hatching Hope?

  • Chicken farms are easy to establish
  • Chickens produce nutritious eggs every day
  • Chicken and eggs are good sources of low-cost, high-quality protein
  • Chickens are easy to feed, breed and bring to market
  • Chickens grow fast
  • Chicken farming provides women an opportunity to become engaged

Hatching Hope prepares participants for success with extensive, ongoing training, support and resources from the initiative’s founding partners – Cargill and Heifer International.

Together with its donors and partners, Hatching Hope is building a new generation of farmers and lifting communities out of poverty through sustainable animal agriculture.

Why Hatching Hope? Because chickens can change a farmer’s future – and the course of an entire community. And you can be part of the change!