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Ranjita Nayak

February 28, 2019

Ranjita Nayak joined the Sabha Lakshmi self-help group in 2013, and last year was trained as a vaccinator. Her training included azolla cultivation, termite cultivation, appropriate medicine for birds, concentrate feed, bio-secured model, among many others.

After completing her training, she wanted to share her knowledge with others in her village. Community members were apprehensive about the vaccinations at first. Nevertheless, she vaccinated her own birds based on her training and learning. When villagers noticed that Ranjita’s flock remained healthy during an avian flu outbreak, many community members agreed to get their birds vaccinated. Gradually, the entire village approached her to get their birds vaccinated.

Working as a vaccinator substantially supplements Ranjita’s household income. In addition to serving her village, Ranjita also travels to seven nearby villages to provide vaccines. She serves approximately 30 households in each village. Ranjita’s vaccination business earns 2 rupees per bird and she vaccinates about 7,200 birds on each visit, earning her approximately 14,400 rupees or $204.

Ranjita also raised and sold about 30 healthy birds this year, and currently has a flock size of 80 birds. She has a goal to increase her space and to one day raise a flock of 150-200 birds. She has plans to hire roosters for breeding better chickens.

She hopes Hatching Hope will help her improve her flock size and business and provide financial and nutritional sustainability to her family. She believes with increased awareness on nutrition and benefits of poultry, consumption of chicken and eggs will increase.