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Monalisa Mohanta

February 28, 2019

Mona Lisa holding eggsMonalisa joined the self-help group in 2015, and immediately knew it was a decision that would improve her life. She learned more about poultry production and gained valuable business knowledge. Monalisa said her backyard poultry business lifted her out of poverty and gave her a steady food source.

“I have experienced intense poverty,” Monalisa said. “We did not even have enough to eat."

Prior to starting her chicken production, Monalisa’s household rarely had meat or eggs to eat. Now she has regular access to high-quality protein. The program also helped increase her self-confidence.

"I was very scared and shy to speak in public starting her poultry business,” she said. “I used to think it is a privilege only for men, not for women. Now I participate in most of the local events.”

Monalisa has completed the Improved Animal Management training and participated in the vaccination campaign. Many of the people in her village began following Heifer’s best practices, and all have been successful in improving their flock and herd sizes. She also knows how to better manage the health of her birds. She used to struggle with bird mortality, but it has reduced drastically thanks to the program, she said. She is always seeking ways to continuously improve her chicken production and believes Hatching Hope will help her with that.

“Hatching Hope will give us new ways of marketing the birds and further improve our household income,” she said.