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Hatching Hope Officially Launches In Kenya

March 12, 2021

On January 27, 2021, Heifer International and Cargill launched the Hatching Hope Kenya project. In Kenya, Hatching Hope will be using the Market System Approach, also known as ‘The Distributor Model’, that aims to improve the livelihoods of 46,000 poultry farming households. Working across the counties of Kisumu, Homabay, Migori, Siaya, Uasin Gishu, Nakuru and Nairobi metropolitan, Heifer International and Cargill have partnered with strategic value chain actors to achieve this goal.

The launch event brought together 35 virtual and 46 in-person attendees, including Heifer Kenya staff, Heifer International Staff, Cargill, County Governments (Kisumu County, Uasin Gishu County, Nairobi County), the National Government (Ministry of Agriculture and NARIG-P Nakuru County) Producer Organization (Semeki), Diamond V, Feed Millers (Nakumodern, Pioneer Feeds, Wonder Feeds, Pembe Feeds), Financial Institutions (Equity Bank and USAID- Kenya Investment Mechanism, Ecobank), Off-taker (Chicken Basket), Day Old Chicks supplier (Kukuchic), CKL Africa Limited, Ultravetis East Africa Limited (Vaccines), media and the members of public.

The keynote speakers were Rene Osorio, Managing Director, Cargill Animal Nutrition Middle East and Africa, Adesuwa Ifedi, Senior Vice President, Heifer International and George Odhiambo, Country Director Heifer Kenya. The Director of Livestock Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Mr. Bishar Elmi, attended the event as the Chief Guest. All speakers spoke to their organizaiton’s commitment to Kenya and passion for engaging with local farmers to make a lasting impact.

This event was an engaging opportunity for speakers to outline the Hatching Hope Kenya project’s goals and objectives as well as share the milestones it has already achieved. Attendees also learned about the HHK Market System Approach, ‘The Distributor Model’and its benefits.

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Various poultry value chain actors participated in a plenary discussion. George Odhiambo, Country Director of Heifer Kenya, spoke, as well as Celeste Hewitt, Supply Chain Lead, Cargill Animal Nutrition Middle East & Africa, Hannah Muthoni, Relationship Manager, Food and Agriculture Department, General Manager, Food and Agriculture, Equity Bank, Habib Parkar, Director Finance, Wonder Feeds, Abisai Nandi, Chief Executive Officer, Chicken Basket, and Rosemary Raluoch, Chief Officer- Livestock and Fisheries-Kisumu County.


Mr. Bishar Elmi, Director of Livestock Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • The HH project has come at the right time when there are significant economic hardships… it will support communities in improving their livelihoods and economic empowerment…10 million people in Kenya is a significant contribution considering that Kenya’s population is 47 million…We are happy to work with Heifer International and other partners…anytime you call on the government we will be there for the benefit of Kenyan Farmers.

Adesuwa Ifedi, Senior Vice President, Heifer International

  • Partners like Cargill will enable this project to make a significant impact in the poultry value chain…we also hope that partners around the table today will synergise and combine their skills and resources to ensure maximum impact of the project.

George Odhiambo, Country Director Heifer Kenya.

  • Hatching Hope Kenya focuses on partnerships that includes the private sector, farmers and other value chain actors to increase efficiency and reduce cost of production.

Rene Osorio, Managing Director,Cargill

  • All of us have to work together, Cargill & Heifer are committed to realizing the achievements of the project goals which are really to impact the lives of 10 million people in the first phase of the project (2019-2022).

Celeste Hewitt, Supply Chain Lead, Cargill Animal Nutrition

  • We are working with the feed supply chain actors because this initiative requires a system-wide approach…The magic of the Heifer model has the potential to impact on communities by linking farmers to key  value chain actors.

Rosemary Raluoch, Chief Officer- Livestock and Fisheries-Kisumu County

  • We are supporting youth and women, we are encouraging them to keep a minimum of 1,000 birds, we're also looking to improve the policy environment by collaborating with the private sector players including financial institutions

Key highlights of the plenary discussion include:

  • The high cost of feed is caused by the high cost of production e.g. high power and fuel costs, shortage of raw materials, importation of 80% of raw materials
  • Banks see poultry farming as a delicate and risky venture however Equity Bank is approaching lending in the whole value chain thus crafting products for the various types of poultry farmers
  • Private-public partnership in the poultry value chain is important. There is a need for the government to help the local market come up steadily through partnership especially with the private sector
  • The high demand for poultry meat and eggs is yet to be met thus creating an opportunity for the Hatching Hope project
  • There is a lot of informality within the poultry sector thus a lot of investment is needed in capacity building and partnerships
  • Cargill’s technical experts have provided value add and technical expertise to farmers

The next steps for the Hatching Hope Kenya project team are:

  • Continue engaging with the National and County Governments
  • Meeting between poultry value chain actors: feed millers, off-taker, and DOC suppliers meet with producer organizations to discuss buyer-supplier contractual agreements and officially launch the businesses
  • Sign memorandums of understanding with poultry value chain actors e.g. Feed Millers, banks, and off-takers
  • Track production, sales and supplies between the producer organizations and the poultry value chain actors
  • Continuously track the number of farmers trained and those being reached by extension services

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