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Cargill customer, El Tío, is ready to Hatch Hope in its community 

April 23, 2019

Long-time Cargill customer El Tío was looking for a way to make a difference in its community in a sustainable way. The Mexican animal feed distributor’s general manager shared this interest with Tania Rojas, managing director for Cargill’s feed and nutrition business in Latin America, in a conversation back in October 2017. A year and a half later, El Tío’s wish was granted.

“We looked to Cargill’s animal nutrition business, our partner for 17 years now, to help initiate our company’s corporate responsibility work because of the reach they have in the industry and the long-term impact they want to make in communities like ours,” he shared. “And, we want to help make this positive impact through giving back to our community in a sustainable way.”

With the creation and launch of the Hatching Hope Global Initiative—Cargill and Heifer International’s joint program—Cargill customers like El Tío have the opportunity to engage in work that positively impacts their local communities but ties to a larger vision and goal of improving the nutrition and economic livelihoods of 100 million people by 2030.

“A program like Hatching Hope is exactly the corporate responsibility opportunity we were asking for and are honored to join the journey,” El Tío said.

inpage-el-tio-store-1The general manager went on to explain that companies working to improve their communities with their resources and expertise is a big responsibility, and one El Tío is eager to get involved in.

Local small-scale poultry producers in Oaxaca, Mexico, one of Hatching Hope’s first locations, are challenged by low productivity, lack of access to quality feed at a competitive price, and little to no available trainings on best practices in poultry production and management. Heifer International has staff on-the-ground in Oaxaca, but Cargill does not—which is where El Tío and its team of technical support and nutritional experts, as well as distribution capabilities, come in.

inpage-el-tio-store2El Tío will be delivering poultry feed at a competitive price, providing poultry nutritional support and trainings on topics like poultry production; nutritional and technical support; bio security and marketing to the local Heifer teams and small-scale poultry producers to improve the productivity of their chickens and the profitability of their farms.

“After visiting several of these small-scale women-led poultry producers, we observed the challenges they are facing and are ready to help them amplify their current operations or start from scratch,” El Tío said. “We look forward to working together with these farmers, to learn how we can better serve their desire to grow into sustainable and flourishing businesses.”

Less than six weeks after the El Tío team visited the poultry producers, a truckload of feed was on its way – the first of many shipments planned to support the poultry producers. This connection created by Hatching Hope expands El Tío’s business, serving a new customer segment, and provides farmers with the tools they need to grow their businesses and provide for their families.

Hatching Hope will set poultry producers up for success with extensive, on-going training, support and resources from Cargill, Heifer International and dedicated partners like El Tío.