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Babilata Das

March 14, 2019

Prior to joining a Heifer International self-help group in 2013, Babliata Das had five goats. She was reluctant to raise backyard poultry, primarily due to the high mortality rates in birds and other livestock.

After joining the group, she received several trainings, including Improved Animal Management. Babilata says Heifer's practices gave her more confidence and helped improve her livestock production, as well as increase yields in her kitchen garden.

Because she is more confident with animals, Babilata decided to start raising poultry. She increased her flock size to 100 birds, 50 of which were the improved Banraja breed. She also partners with another farmer to rear 43 goats and has 10 cows of her own.

Babilata Das holding a chicken

Rearing backyard poultry has improved the health of her household through increased consumption of high-quality protein. Her family — her husband, mother-in-law and two children — consume an average of one chicken and about three eggs per week.

Babilata has increased her income substantially, enabling her to help pay the household expenses. Since she is contributing to the household income, Babilata feels more confident as a decision maker in her family. She also has her own bank account — the program gave her confidence in her abilities to manage her own money.

Babilata’s children now attend a better school — an international school — something she only dreamed about when her family was struggling with poverty.

From the last sale of her stock, from which she earned 99,000 rupees (nearly $1,400) alone from goat sales — she purchased a power tiller that helps the family farm. She has invested in her confectionery shop and contributed in starting a tile-making business . She hopes Hatching Hope will help her scale up her chicken production to self-sustainability.