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Our Impact

Turning hunger into hope – and lasting change – in India, Kenya and Mexico.

In-page 2030 Goal Image It takes many hands and hearts to effectively address global malnutrition and poverty. Hatching Hope is on its way to making a meaningful and lasting impact.

We’re drawing on the strengths and commitment of our founding partners – Cargill’s deep expertise in animal nutrition and well-being, and Heifer International’s vast community development experience – to improve the nutrition and economic livelihoods of 100 million people by 2030 through the production, promotion and consumption of poultry.

Seeding farmer success, nurturing community resilience

We’re partnering with chicken farmers in India, Mexico and Kenya to provide the resources and knowledge they need to increase chicken and egg production – helping them meet the nutritional needs of their families today and increase production to participate in the wider marketplace in the future.

Right from the start, Hatching Hope participants will be prepared for success, with hands-on support from both partners’ field teams. Additionally, smallholder farmers will receive extensive and ongoing education and training on raising chickens, productive farming practices and market entry.

Hatching Hope also supports community resilience by providing local community nutrition education. Well-nourished communities are healthier and more economically stable. And as the community learns to include protein and other nutrients in their diet for balanced nutrition, they also support demand for farmers’ poultry products.

Measuring progress: global goals

As a significant contributor to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Hatching Hope initiative will impact 7 SDGs:

Sustainable Development Goals

To track progress and results throughout the 12-year initiative, Hatching Hope created a results framework with standard metrics. For the subsistence farmer, success with Hatching Hope means improved living income, productivity, nutrition and resilience. To achieve this, she needs access to products, services, solutions and markets. For the broader community, Hatching Hope will increase awareness of the nutritional importance of poultry products through local and national campaigns and improve poultry production practices through farmer-to-farmer ‘pass on the gift’ trainings. These impacts are included in the results framework and will be measured throughout the monitoring and evaluation process.